5 Reasons to why we chose Faux Florals with Preston Blooms

If you know me you know I love a good flower, but then again you also know I'm super allergic to the earth! Everything seems to be a trigger and I knew I didn't want to be sneezing on my wedding. Flowers are beautiful to look at but I knew on our Wedding Day that real flowers weren't going to work for us. I'm so excited that I went with my gut and decided to go faux florals! I searched and searched a lot and had many conversations and phone calls with florists who work with Faux Flowers. I was becoming very panicked and even more discouraged until in comes Preston Blooms. I randomly found her on Instagram and I am so happy I found her. Y'all this girl is absolutely amazing; professional, helpful and her work is nothing short of art. After speaking with Sarah from Preston Blooms we talked so much about the positives of going faux florals for your wedding and I thought I would share our experience.                                                                                                          (SPOILER ALERT you can still get amazing florals even if they aren't real! #savethebees) 

1. Hassle-Free 
Hassle-free while planning a wedding is every brides dream! I bet you didn’t know that was a thing, but I'm telling you Sarah made us feel this way. By using artificial flowers it makes wedding flower shopping a dream come true. She enabled us to make room for other wedding planning priorities in the busy weeks before your special day.  I knew we wanted lush greenery, unique blooms and fall tones. So we sent her over a few visions and then the rest we left up to her and her own creative side. I honestly can't wait to see what she comes up with as I know they will be perfect for our day.
2. Allergy Free
I love a good flower trust me but I hate feeling sniffly; and on our wedding day I wanted to avoid that stuffy and groggy feeling. Faux flowers still look like real flowers but without the pollen or fragrance which was a win win for me. I know I'll be able to dance the night away and not need any tissue for a runny nose. I know this may be a silly request but for me this is a real thing! 
 3. Very Realistic
 I know many brides can be split down the middle between faux and real. I even set up a poll and honestly it was split right down the middle. The more I researched and the more I looked at her her Instagram I knew this was the right choice for us. You can see that these flowers are beyond gorgeous. You can't even tell they are faux and we even opted on going with unique flowers. These flowers are unable to be found during that season just a little perk of going faux. Making our florals as unique as we are!
4. Low Maintenance
With faux flowers, your squad can enjoy the wedding, instead of having to run around to make sure that the flowers are watered and not wilting in the sunlight. That’s not a problem with faux flowers. Faux flowers require no watering, no soil, and no sunlight. Something I or my bridal party  don't want to be doing the day of the wedding!
5. Everlasting
You will never forget life’s special events, because fake flowers are everlasting! You can create a lasting keepsake when you use silk flowers in your bridal bouquet. I know this way I can pull the bouquet out and put it out for special occasions. 

* This post is in collaboration with LOFT310*

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