Wedding Wednesday Vol. 21 50 Days out

It seems like just yesterday that Nick was getting down on one knee asking me to marry him. And now, in the blink of an eye, we’re less than two months out from our wedding day! With less than 50 days to go, we are at the point where we are making a lot of decisions and we are getting down to the wire on deadlines for everything!
Lately it seems like we’ve been doing so much wedding planning. It’s really, really exciting but it’s also a bit stressful, if I’m being honest! Nick and I have tried to continue with our day-to-day life as best as we can without allowing the wedding craziness to take over! If you’re engaged & planning a wedding, I suggest making sure that you still have date nights and plan fun activities with your fiancĂ©. It is so important to make time for just the two of you! It really has made a difference in the planning process.
Today I wanted to share an update of where we are in our planning process now that we are two months out! Before we know it, our wedding day will be here. P.S. I have a really fun post coming up for our 30 day out post!


LOFT310 our venue has made this process so incredibly easy. They are an all inclusive venue so a lot of the stuff was just fill in the blanks. At this point it is a lot of little things but the big stuff is mostly taken care of. 

Unfortunately, Nick and I were unable to attend a tasting of any sort so we are just crossing our fingers and hoping for the best! We have some amazing meals picked so right now we are just happy to have that crossed off the list. 
We have our rehearsal dinner place picked out and we are good to go on that! We are having a true Italian dinner and I am so excited for that because I love Italian food so much. We couldn’t be more excited about the food options.
We are close to finalizing our wedding day and the weekend timeline for our guest. If you’re married then you know just how much goes into a wedding weekend. If you’re not married, then you may not realize just how many behind the scenes details go into planning a wedding weekend. 
We have finalized our wedding signage, I have a two signs that mean a lot to me. I honestly searched for months and months. I am so glad to have found this amazing shop on Etsy who will be doing both signs. I can't wait to see how they turn out.  
And perhaps this last one is most exciting….WE SENT OUT OUR WEDDING INVITATIONSWe were absolutely thrilled with the way they turned out and couldn’t wait to send them out to our family and friends. Sending out our invites together really made things feel very, very real! We have already gotten a ton of our RSVPs back, which as been just as exciting! I love seeing those little envelopes in our mailbox. Only a handful of people we need to call to confirm and we are good to go for seating!

I really wanted a send-off so I NEED to get an email out to LOFT310 our venue making sure we can allow this! 
Welcome bags I made some amazing bags for my bachelorette and Nick's bachelor party so I know I'll make these ones good. We made most of the decision on what to include int0 the welcome bags, now we just need to purchase them and begin assembling!
Our seating chart; I was seriously stressed about this because it’s such a tedious task, but one of my friends recommended All Seated and I'm hoping it makes life so much easier! It’s a very interactive site that allows you to add your guests, place them at tables and move them around as needed.

It’s funny because the list that I’m sharing above keeps getting smaller, but the list on the fridge is getting longer and longer! So many tedious details (that I won’t bore you with!) We keep telling ourselves that it will alllll be worth it in the end! 
 Thanks so much for stopping by! 

* This post was made in collaboration with LOFT310* 

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