My Bachelorette Party #Jessicasfinalfiesta

A month ago I had 6 of my closest girls pack up and fly to Austin, TX for my bachelorette party! I had been looking forward to this weekend for a while, mostly because I was excited to hang out with all of my bridesmaids all together and my two college besties. Although my one besite Stephanie moved to San Antonio I was missing my girls back home. Thousands of miles have separated us and yet they all came out to celebrate me. Making a girl feel really special. 

My MOH Taylor, and 3 bridesmaids (Stephanie, Lydia and Ashley) reached out to get a feel for what I wanted my bachelorette party to be like. I didn’t have any real requests, other than that I wanted balloons, for it to be in Austin and for us to all be together. From there they all got to planning. They kept most of it a secret, which made the weekend even more fun! The theme of the weekend was “Jessica's Final Fiesta” and every detail was so thought out and fun!


On Wednesday everyone flew in and we all met at the legit the cutest Airbnb ever. It was so glam, girly and had all the desert vibes we could want. After I was blown away by all the decor and all of the balloons we all got cozy on the couch for some much needed "Girl Talk". My first roommate ever in Chicago, Ashley talked to us all about our Astrology charts. It was interesting to hear her talk to all of us about our signs, what we have to look forward to, and all about our karmic debt. If you are interested more about that let me know I'm sure she would love to do a guest post!


Thursday was my absolute favorite day! We started out at Elizabeth Street Cafe. I highly recommend going there if you love fusion food. I had never has Asian fusion food so it was a no from me, but I do recommend it for the decor and vibe.
We then went on a small mural tour and shopped a little bit down South Congress. I highly say do that-as it was so much fun! We then had some amazing yummy drinks at Cafe No Se and headed home. 
We ended the night at Juliet Italian Restaurant and danced our hearts out on Rainey Street. 


On Friday we all went to Biscuits and Groovy for breakfast and had a pool day rooftop style. We then went to The Highball for some much amusing Karaoke and sang the night away. Ending the night on 6th street. I have such mixed reviews on 6th street but I'm glad we all experienced it. 


On Saturday we all went tubing on the San Marcos river and honestly it was amazing! Two of my besties went under more than once but all in all we had a blast. I would recommend this for sure and save it for the end like we did. Drinking and the sun for 4 hours really takes it all out of you. We ended the night with such fun games. We had the absolute BEST time and I cannot wait for these for our wedding day. We realized after the trip that we never got a FULL group picture with everyone who was there! Luckily come October there will be plenty of those!

A huge thank you to my bridesmaids for coordinating everything & for coming up with the best surprises!

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