Creating the Perfect Bachlorette Theme with Zola

Attending a bachelorette party is nothing but fun, like a TON of FUN. I'm sure having to plan one takes a lot of time and effort. Choosing a theme for the party can help your decorations, outfits and activities al fall into place. However; with so many to choose from it can all seem overwhelming. I've teamed up with Zola to talk all about how they can help you with planning your bachelorette party! I'll be sharing all about my own bachelorette party next week which I did not plan, my MOH and bridesmaids did, it was an EPIC weekend and I didn't want it to end. I wonder if you can guess what theme they chose :)

-TIP 1-

Do Make It Personal

First order of business: this party is for the bride, so make sure you know what she wants! Ask specific questions to clarify the vibe: crazy weekend or casual evening? Fancy dinner out or spa day? For some party planning inspiration, check out these bachelorette themes from Zola for ideas on hashtags, decor, and party favors for the entire girl squad. If the bride wants a more laid back celebration, you can still go all out with decorations and have a girls night in. For a wilder crowd, these themes can take the party out and about.
Take the same approach to other elements of the party, such as games, food and drink, presents and so on. Make sure it is tailored to who she is as an individual and what she prefers. Then, do your best to make a plan aligned with how she envisions the day or weekend going. 
-TIP 2-
Do Let Go of Traditional Expectations
Bachelorette parties have a long history of being toted as the “last night as a single woman out on the town!!!!” or a sterotypical picture of girls in matching black dresses wearing flirty sashes. But really, it’s simply an opportunity for a group of people to celebrate someone getting married, which means there are no rules. 

You can plan a one-night adventure I love this glamping theme so much. I can just imagine monogramed flannel, smore's and all the rosé your heart can handle!

 An entire weekend getaway this tropical theme would be perfection. I can see Key West or even Austin, TX in your future. Sun, sand and fun what more could you ask for?

Having a totally sober event, first how amazing is that! Also, how cute is this mermaid theme ? It would be perfect anywhere but def by some water to let your hair and fins down.

Encourage the bride to do what feels best for her, and get creative which Zola did half the work. It's important to have fun and really celebrate her and the next big step in her life!
-TIP 3-
Do ask for help
Once you’ve got a plan, a guest list and a budget, there’s no reason you can’t divide and conquer. A lot of work goes into planning a great party, especially for someone you love! Let people handle what they’re good at, too, versus trying to micromanage a million things on your own. If someone is a big foodie, ask them to take care of brunch reservations; if another friend has creativity flowing from her veins, have that person come up with fun favors and games. Either way I'm sure your Bride is going to be surprised and so happy and all your hard work will have paid off! Make sure to enjoy the weekend too!!

*This post has been in collaboration with Zola*

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