Wedding Wednesday Vol. 20 How I asked my bridal party with Etsy

Wedding Wednesday Vol. 20
Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes with Etsy

This might just be one of the most fun WeddingWednesday posts so far! 
If you know me then you know how important it is that we shopped small for our wedding.
We LOVED the idea of being able to make each and every step unique and special to us.

Today I’m excited to share how I asked my bridesmaids. 
I really wrestled with the idea of having a bridal party and at the end I knew each one of these girls had to be my side. 
We have 4 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen, which has turned out to be a great number. 
I’m a creature of equal numbers,
 but after tragically losing Nick brother who was standing by his side, 
nothing can replace him. 
All of them are people we are extremely close with and wanted to be by our sides throughout the process and on our wedding day!

I knew I wanted my bridal party to feel special from the very beginning, I also needed it to be true to myself.
 I decided to create a box and ask them with a few of my favorite things.
I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to ask four of them in person and that made me sad at first; then I realized all these women are all over the US and distance hasn't changed our relationship.

Pinterest had a lot of ideas (which was semi overwhelming) but it gave me a good idea of what I would need to pull it off! 
P.S. There are sites that offer bridesmaid boxes, I love this one and this one
but making my own seemed more special and sentimental!

The Details
I found the boxes and the stuffing at Target and snatched them up! 
I knew they would be the perfect start to their boxes. 
The lettering on the boxes was made from this adorable shop on Etsy called TwinandCoDesign who also helped me personalize the jewelry boxes as well. 
The rosé bottles I also snatched up at Target 
Those cute straws and ties I found at Joann’s.
The cups I found at HomeGoods and couldn’t believe that they had enough! 
That seemed to be a very common thread. Only 3 or only 2!
The ring pops were a super easy sell snatched those this year at Valentine’s Day. 
Last but not least I had the custom cards made for the boxes. 
I found those on Etsy called aprilheatherart and she has such amazing things you should check her out. Her custom work is incredible and I can't wait to show you her stuff for the bachelorette party. 

I am beyond thankful to have them by my side on the best day of my life!
Just wait till you see the gift bags I created for my bachelorette party! 
I even want one for myself 😉

To all my brides out there how did you ask your bridal party?

* This post is in collaboration with LOFT310, ETSY & WeddingWire*

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