Wedding Wednesday VOL. 16 Where we are in the planning process

Wedding Wednesday + How WeddingWire is helping 
this whole wedding checklist rock!

It’s been a while since I did a wedding planning update (over 30 days actually!) I moved and you can read all about that post here. so I thought I would use today’s Wedding Wednesday to share where we are in our wedding planning process! You can see the last update here. When we first started to plan our wedding it was all logistical stuff. Vendor booked: check. Item crossed off of the list: check. 

Since the last update I've been pouring over wedding dresses WeddingWire has like the google of wedding dresses! I love that I have it right on my phone at my fingertips so I can just dream a little! I think I have looked at and pinned so many dresses its unreal! Speaking of the dress, I had a bit of an issue with it the dress as I'm thinking how am I going to find a dress in a whole different state! I was thinking of working with designer for a semi-custom dress. Anybody ever do this?! If so please send me your recommendations! 
 We have secured our videographer, our florist, our wedding planner & our rehearsal dinner location of course all thanks to WeddingWire! Truly this place was a one stop shop! 
The rehearsal dinner location was almost as hard to secure as our venue (keeping that a really big secret)
We NEED to send out our SAVE-THE-DATES! I can't wait to assemble these together and send them out! We are keeping the design and everything a secret from our parents so they would be surprised when they got it in the mail too. 🙂
YOU HAVEEEEEEE to get suuuuper organized. All of the contracts, papers, and notes can be a little overwhelming if you don’t find a way to organize it all. I love that WeddingWire has checklist so Nick and I can just check it all off!


I don’t even feel like I can accurately describe what we are working on because the list is a mile long. It can be a little overwhelming if you try to look at it all at once, but we try to take it all in stride. We plan nights in our calendar that are for tackling wedding stuff. This is helpful so that we can keep everything on schedule and make sure we aren’t overwhelmed the last month or so!

Music. We have a great DJ & I'm sure he has great song list, but we still need to determine our entrance song (are we having one?), our first dance and work with our families on those special dances. If anyone has any good ones, let me know! We also need to compile a list of “must play” songs and a list of “do not play” songs!
Seating. This has been the most daunting task to even think about. We still don’t have a full layout of the room yet, but we want to start working on a tentative seating chart for our guests.
Day of Paper Goods. We need to finalize our invites, figure out our programs for the ceremony, and figure out what other paper goods we need for the wedding.
Welcome Bags & Favors. We have an idea of what we want to do for both, it just comes down to executing it!
Finalize the cocktail hour & dinner menu. We plan on changing a few things that we originally thought we wanted so we need to do that & make sure everything is good to go.
Book our honeymoon. A few weeks ago I asked for honeymoon recommendations on instagram stories and got an overwhelming response from y’all! I wrote down every single one  and we just need to narrow down our options and book it!

&& a million other things. Truly, about one million other items! The fun is in the process though and we’re taking in every moment together because I know we will look back on these memories forever!

If you've been married and I left anything out let me know! 
If you've been married and I left anything out let me know! 

This post is in partnership with WeddingWire. All thoughts, writing & styling are my own. 

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