Nanny Diaries Vol. 4 Our Summer Schedule

The Nanny Diaries Vol. 4 
Our Summer Schedule
With Summer in full swing over here with the girls, I was recently asked in a Nanny Group do I have a summer schedule?! My initial reaction was you don't...
Now don't get me wrong we will and already have had our days where we do nothing but stay in Pj's and jump on the bed. However; the girls are older and require more to get that energy out! A month before Noelle ended school I prepared myself and Lucy for our summer ahead. We found things to do and I realized that a schedule was a MUST. 
Having a schedule allows me to guide the girls through a day that is fun and something that they also WANT to do. 

Summer Schedule

8:00 am- I arrive to 'work'/play with the girls
9:00 am- Get dressed, do our chores, and do our learning activity
10:00- Our daytime adeventure
12:30- Lunchtime!
1:15-3:00- Nap time/Rest
3:30- Afternoon snack & Adventure
5:30- Miss Jessica leaves

8:00 am in the summertime is usually breakfast if mom/dad haven't done breakfast then I whip up some eggs and fruit! 
The girls love fried eggs with coconut oil and a piece of fruit and don't forget the milk! 
9:00 am means time to get dressed! We pick out outfits, go potty, do hair and brush teeth! Sometimes this is the most difficult part of the day! 
We do our chores which means cleaning up our breakfast plates and playroom.
 Then we get to spend 15-30 mins of ABCMouse that learning portion really depends on how much time we have left. 
10:00 am is when everything in Chicago seems to open so thats our prime time to visit the farmers market, pick a park out of our mason jar of parks, ride the L through the Loop or just go explore our neighborhood! Don't forget the sunscreen!
12:30 pm is lunchtime! So whether is PB&J's with fruit or cold pasta we eat this meal picnic style no matter where we are! Because duh who doesn't love a picnic!
1:15 pm is nap time or rest time for older sister Noelle! This is vital during the summer months, just a great way to rest and re-charge for the afternoon!
3:30 pm is usually wakeup time and then we do something more chill and relaxed. We love to color, do puzzles or maybe even watch a show if its a rainy afternoon.
5:30 pm I leave and remind the girls of the fun activity we picked out for tomorrow.

I hope this helps and just look at how if you have some sort of schedule during the day the hours just fly by! 
Summer is short and sweet. Stay cool friends!

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