3 + Tips on How I Stay an Organized Nanny with Erin Condren

3 + Tips on How I Stay an Organized Nanny

It's already a couple of days into August and our calendar is already fully booked! Where did summer go?! Anyone else trying to hold onto summer a little longer? 
If you've been following my blog for awhile then you know I'm a full time Nanny. I absolutely love what I do, and with two very busy littles things can often just slip my mind. Never has something super important slipped my mind, but trying to not let that happen. I am an organization FREAK, I’m serious. I have crazy color coding, stickers, and markers/highlighters. The more colorful the better, I mean I do work with children full time!

When Erin Condren reached out to me to attend an event at Dylan's Candy Bar here in Chicago how could I say no! Then they gifted me this amazing life planner and I was super excited! With the oldest little girl Noelle attending full day school this September, I needed to make sure I had a great planner to keep us all organized. Lucy is a little over two and her schedule is so busy that its nice to make sure we can pencil in chill time and ice cream dates. Mom and Dad are amazing and they both work so making sure they get date nights and a sitter are all things that need to be on a calendar! 

Pro tips on getting organized

Tip 1: Get a Planner
I know that sounds super silly, but there is some truth to actually seeing your month laid out in black & white or super colorful like I choose. The Erin Condren LifePlanner™ has so many life planners and my goodness the possibilities are endless! I really couldn't choose, it was so difficult, I ended up going with a leopard print and a rose gold wire binding. I absolutely love that you can make this planner unique and fitting to your lifestyle. Getting a planner is the first step, and also the most fun don't you agree?

Tip 2: Make a Goal List
I like to make some goals for myself and the family I work for throughout the month. Whether its more playdates for Lucy, Ballet practice for Noelle, making sure mom and dad go out and spend time with one another and then penciling in time for myself. Making goals for yourself is super easy with this planner. There are sheets of stickers that you can write on and change them without cluttering your calendar. The one thing I always disliked about my old planners was that with all the switching my month looked like a complete mess!

Tip 3: Get Colorful
I love being able to color code EVERYTHING!!! The parents are one color, the girls another and my life is another color. All the fiancé needs to know is I am pink if he's trying to figure out where I'm at :) That way I look at the month and go I need more me time, or do we need to take that class that day? Let's do ice-cream instead! But in all seriousness color coating your planner is really a lifesaver. When I'm organized I get more things done, I know where things are and what I need to be doing. I don't waste my time finding out what class I need to take the girls to in my emails, where dance class is and whatever. I glance at my planner in the am before I leave, and off to work I go. Also, it helps me check in with friends, the blog, and mom and dad to make sure the day runs smooth and stress free. A stress free day is a great day!

How do you stay organized and do you own a Erin Condren planner?


  1. Ohhh god I alwaysssss try to stay more organized but I never keep it up for more than a week... shame on me :(

    xo Vanessa from www.Trendique-Magazine.com

  2. I love Erin Condren planners! They must've stepped up their game because those stickers are gorg!

  3. Lovely planner! I'm obsessed with organization :D


  4. I love being organized! I need to check this out!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris