My Whole30 experience + Why it just wasn't for me

Prepare yourself for a super duper long winded post!
So grab a cup of whatever you like; maybe a juice, or coffee, 
or hey grab a shot of tequila and settle in.

What is Whole30:
Whole30 is a process in which you give yourself 
 30 days to push the reset button on your health 
and change your relationship with food.
 By eating non-processed whole foods and 
ditching grains, dairy, and sugar, 
you will reduce inflammation in your system,
 clear up your skin, and revitalize your energy stores. 
These are just a few of the benefits this program boasts.
Sounds pretty great, right? 

My Whole30 experience I feel was not like everyone else's. 
But before we get into all that let's start with why I wanted to do Whole30.
I really wanted a complete reset. 
I felt heavy, bloated and really just didn't feel like myself. 
I have PCOS and well lately I've been having some major flare-ups.
You can read more about PCOS here.
Being the more holistic approach kind of gal,
 I thought hey I could do Whole30 and feel better.
You see, I previously attempted to do Whole30 6 months ago.
 I of course got 15 days in and got terribly sick and had to stop. 
I was completely devastated.
I had worked so hard and reached so many hurdles. 
So this time around I thought things would be easier,
 because well I was more prepared right?! 
HAHAHA yeah right. 

First, I’d just like to acknowledge that I’m not a nutritionist or a healthcare professional. The opinions I share here are simply my own experiences and thoughts while trying this program. I also acknowledge that the topics of healthy eating, dieting, and illness are very personal, and what might work for me, might not work for someone else. 

Saturday thoughts:
Let me eat all of my favorite things ever because duh I can't eat it for 30 days! 
I'll be regretting this I can already tell 3 mimosas in. 
Of course I'll have your french toast with fresh strawberries and whip cream on top- duh. 

Sunday vibes:
Grab my favorite Starbucks 'Venti Strawberry Aci
easy ice more water than juice please' with a huge smile on my face.
Go grocery shopping at Marianos and stock up on all of the goodness. 
Fruit, veggies, nuts oh all the nuts!! 
Keep in mind I'm a pescatarian
so I don't eat meat and the only fish I mess with is Salmon and Shrimp.
Fresh Caught, never previously frozen.
I loaded up on the okay oils I'm allowed to have, 
some new LaCroix flavors,
 grabbed a cookie and off I went to go food prep.
TIP 1.
Always food prep every week set yourself up for success.
TIP 2.
Prepare your loved ones. (trust me on this one)

The Next 30

Week 1:
Day 1: Woke up early OMG what a great day! 
Grabbed my lunch and my juice and walked out the door. 

Text with BF
BF: How's your day?
Me: OMG great b!!!
 I feel good I just had some salmon and broccoli #killingit
BF: Great see you tonight

Day 2-3: I mean pretty much the exact same. Feeling like I got this in the bag.
Day 4: OMG did I get blackout drunk last night?!
 I woke up with I swear was a legit hangover. 
It's Thursday and well I feel like death. 
Day 5: Food sounds horrible.
 Ate some eggs and trying to drink as much water as possible. 

Weekend 1
I'm fighting with the BF all day about everything. 
Hating the sun, the earth, everything. 
Not even going on social media 
for fear I may say something mean.
Thinking is this normal?
Read this article. 
Find out these feelings are normal 
but why are my days so off. 
I'm hitting the same milestones just later. 
Weird? Awesome. GOSH how many more days?
Found out that being a vegetarian 
played a huge part into why I felt I was off.
*Bless my boyfriends heart for putting up with me #keeper*

Week 2:
I wish I could say more but I swear week 2
 I was either super tired or really bloated. 
You want me to wear jeans. 
Not happening... 
Being a Nanny was super hard this week. 
I only survived because I drank juices all the time!
Marianos took all my money :)

Week 3:
OMG I'm still doing this yay me!!
Go me :) I feel amazing! 
I'm not tired and I have all this energy.
 I also found out my love of juice & avocados runs deep. 
Why doesn't anyone see my amazing results? 
Do I look thinner? 
I mean I feel thinner? 

Text with BF:
Me: B do I look thinner
BF: Babe you look super thin your tummy is super flat.
Me: Whaaaa not one person has noticed.
Me: Whaaaaa 
BF: You look thin see you tonight.

Week 4:
Happy Dance!! 
It's the last week wow I can actually do this. 
One bite won't hurt right? 
YUMMMM donuts.... 
NOOOOOOO you can do this!! 
OMG my self control was off the charts. 
I swear I thought I was going to crack. 
But I didn't.

Final thoughts:
I'm not sure if I would recommend this program to just anyone.
It's not a quick fix.
It's not a cleanse.
You won't see immediate results.
You may not see any because Whole30 doesn't work for everyone.
I learned this the hard way.
Some bodies just don't have the ability to thrive on
such a restrictive lifestyle for 30 days.

It did change my relationship with food.
I'm glad it made me more aware of what I am consuming.
All the cookies and crap needed to go!!
I can say it was a hard 30 days, for all parties involved.
 But will I do it again?

Let's discuss. Would you do Whole30? Have you ever done Whole30?

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  1. OMG! I don't know how you have the patience for this. I'm less of a dieter and more of a lifestyle change kind of person so I wouldn't try it but I can see how it would work for some. Thanks for sharing, I'll pass this on to my friends.

    Dasha |