Spring Up With thredUP \\

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Happy Friday!

Is anyone else ready for the weekend?!
I am so ready for the weekend.
 It's supposed to be 50 so that's always a plus.
The snow has just about melted in Chicago so happy dance!!

There is something about transitioning to Spring that can be very difficult.
Everything is hard.
The Weather.
Doing my hair.
Finding an outfit!

When thredUp contacted me and asked me to come up with a 
"Spring Cheat Sheet" I of course obliged.
Whenever a new season arrives I always try to make myself a cheat sheet.
Of what I have.
Quick outfits.
What I want/NEED.
Writing it all down really helps me visualize what I have in my closet;
& what I need to get.

A little about thredUp they are this amazing online consignment shop.
If you know me then you know I love mixing it up,
&& will never pass up a deal!
They offer everything from high end designer collections to your everyday stuff.
Just at an amazing price.
OH Hey Kate Spade dress!
I love that everything is brand new with tags or gently worn and a lot of life left.

Black Vest. Navy Vest. Loafers. Chambray Top. Jacket. c/o

When getting ready for a new season I always stick to basics.
All while throwing in something more trendy and more "in".
It's hard to always come up with an outfit when you have all trends and
no solid foundation.

My Top 5 Picks \\

1. Long Black Vest. 
If it seems out of season it's not.
Try pairing it with your trusty striped shirt or something floral!
Unexpected yet chic.
I'm thinking this one and this one
need to be in your closet :)

2. Chambray Shirt
Need I say more? This needs to be in every wardrobe it really is seasons-less!
You can never have too many trust me :)
I love the idea of short sleeve one but this one's a keeper! 

3. Black Loafers
I truly believe black loafers can be worn all 4 seasons out of the year.
I'm thinking ripped denim and a black tank will work with late spring and summer nicely.
 && these are super cute to add to your closet!

4. Lightweight Jacket
Spring can be crazy so having a jacket is always a great idea.
Wear it or tie it around your waist.
This one is perfect for transitioning.

5. Long Navy Vest
Just like a Black long vest a Navy one is unexpected. 
A great alternative for Spring, a great graphic t-shirt would be great :)
Loving this one and this one

These pieces can be mixed and matched and the number of outfits are endless!
So tell me have you ever tried thredUP?

* Thank you to thredUp for collaborating with me on this post.


  1. Chambray shirts are so versatile and are a great piece to have year-round! I've never used thredup but have heard so many great things about them. Have a great weekend!

    1. Cara,
      Thanks I love this one its so perfect underneath sweaters!! Have a fabulous weekend thanks for always stopping by!

  2. LOVE the vest!!! I wear vests all year round, so I will not be listening to anyone who tells me they are out of season!!
    522 Envy

  3. Yay it's time to pull out the chambray!
    I love pairing it with a cozy knit cardigan on top when it's still a bit colder ;)

    1. Kim, yes I love throwing on a light sweater for spring :)

  4. I like #4! I would totally wear that jacket!


  5. Definitely need those chambray shirts and a great vest or jacket to mix things up! I've never tried ThredUp, but I keep hearing about it so I may need to take a closer look!

    1. Lydia you should totally try it especially since not everything is gently used!!

  6. Love chambray! and those loafers too!

    1. Chelsea I am so with you. The loafers were such a great find :)

  7. I love the color of the light jacket! Olive green is my new favorite color!

    1. Kristine I love that olive is a neutral and works all year round :)

  8. These picks look so causal and perfect for spring. I can't wait to start wearing spring clothing!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

    1. Mallory, I can't wait either!! Needs to happen ASAP!!

  9. Replies
    1. Monique thanks lady :) I can't wait for them to be on major repeat!

  10. I need to browse ThreadUp! They have so many cool options.


    1. You should because not everything is gently used! All mine still had the tags on :)

  11. The Chambray shirt would be so much fun to style, as you could dress it up or down so differently and dramatically! Glad to hear the snow has melted over there by the way, fingers crossed you'll have some warmer weather soon - I know i'd love some haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Girlll!! You do not want snow :) Hahahaha I'm just hoping for warm weather!

  12. I love thred up!! I'm not so sure about buying shoes from there, but the two dresses I got are amazing!! And black loafers are definitely on my spring to buy list :)

  13. Katherine I wouldn't buy them used but I lucked out since all my stuff had the tags on it :)

  14. I love vests, such a great piece to layer.