White & Black \\

Happy Monday!
Gahhh this past weekend was so darn beautiful I couldn't even stand it!
Chicago was beautiful and don't even get me started on all the puppies that were out!

This weather called for nothing more than a light jacket.
I love that this one is chic but yet comfortable.
It's light but not too light and was perfect Saturday night!
I always love having a great statement coat that makes an all black outfit that much better!

I saw these shoes at Banana Republic and with 60% off I couldn't help but snatch them.
They currently are sold out online,
but check stores you may be able to find a pair.
When I wear all black I try to make it interesting,
whether playing with textures or adding some great shoes!

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So tell me how do you mix up an all black look?!

Spring Up With thredUP \\

Untitled #44

Happy Friday!

Is anyone else ready for the weekend?!
I am so ready for the weekend.
 It's supposed to be 50 so that's always a plus.
The snow has just about melted in Chicago so happy dance!!

There is something about transitioning to Spring that can be very difficult.
Everything is hard.
The Weather.
Doing my hair.
Finding an outfit!

When thredUp contacted me and asked me to come up with a 
"Spring Cheat Sheet" I of course obliged.
Whenever a new season arrives I always try to make myself a cheat sheet.
Of what I have.
Quick outfits.
What I want/NEED.
Writing it all down really helps me visualize what I have in my closet;
& what I need to get.

A little about thredUp they are this amazing online consignment shop.
If you know me then you know I love mixing it up,
&& will never pass up a deal!
They offer everything from high end designer collections to your everyday stuff.
Just at an amazing price.
OH Hey Kate Spade dress!
I love that everything is brand new with tags or gently worn and a lot of life left.

Black Vest. Navy Vest. Loafers. Chambray Top. Jacket. c/o

When getting ready for a new season I always stick to basics.
All while throwing in something more trendy and more "in".
It's hard to always come up with an outfit when you have all trends and
no solid foundation.

My Top 5 Picks \\

1. Long Black Vest. 
If it seems out of season it's not.
Try pairing it with your trusty striped shirt or something floral!
Unexpected yet chic.
I'm thinking this one and this one
need to be in your closet :)

2. Chambray Shirt
Need I say more? This needs to be in every wardrobe it really is seasons-less!
You can never have too many trust me :)
I love the idea of short sleeve one but this one's a keeper! 

3. Black Loafers
I truly believe black loafers can be worn all 4 seasons out of the year.
I'm thinking ripped denim and a black tank will work with late spring and summer nicely.
 && these are super cute to add to your closet!

4. Lightweight Jacket
Spring can be crazy so having a jacket is always a great idea.
Wear it or tie it around your waist.
This one is perfect for transitioning.

5. Long Navy Vest
Just like a Black long vest a Navy one is unexpected. 
A great alternative for Spring, a great graphic t-shirt would be great :)
Loving this one and this one

These pieces can be mixed and matched and the number of outfits are endless!
So tell me have you ever tried thredUP?

* Thank you to thredUp for collaborating with me on this post.

Beauty Review Vol. 3 \\

Happy Wednesday 

So I know you've seen the quote floating around it goes a little something like this.
" By Friday I'm positive all my hair is dry shampoo"
It always makes me giggle!

I wasn't too sure about the whole dry shampoo train.
I guess I missed that one.
Well clearly I was wrong and I am so glad I jumped on board.

I figured I would give you my favorite dry shampoos.
I've tested all the products when I needed them the most.
Post Workout Pre-Brunch.

I love this little gal so much.
They always say great things come in small packages and this one did not disappoint.
I love BIG SEXY HAIR products and yet the dry shampoo
surprised me the most. 
I wasn't sure how well it would do; 
so I gave it the good ol' try.
After my one hour Body Pump class this one really held its own.
My hair felt good and I even put some on my tips;
and well my brunch hair I were ready to go!

2. Batiste 
It's rated the #1 dry shampoo in the UK.
Ummmm USA Hello?!
Get on board Batiste is great for the price.
This dry shampoo is only $7.99 you can't beat it.
Perfect for everyday use without breaking your bank.
It works wonderfully on two and maybe three day hair if you don't have super oily hair.
But my after the gym workout did not hold up.
So heading to brunch my hair was neatly tucked under a hat!

3. Kevin Murphy 
I received this dry shampoo at an event and I really do love it.
Kevin Murphy your dry shampoo is expensive but it also is worth every penny.
I can not say enough how great this product is.
Smells great. Looks great on the outside.
My only downfall is it doesn't work so well with dark hair.
I really had to work it into my hair; but the outcome.
Also it passed the brunch test and well it is a keeper!

Have you every tried any of these dry shampoos?! Any recommendations?

*I did receive one dry shampoo as a gift but the other two were purchased & again all opinions are my own. *

Grey Tones With Pink Blush \\

Happy Monday

How was your weekend?
What did you do?
Oh hey Chicago! 
I'm glad you reached like 60 this weekend.
It was so amazing! 
I couldn't even handle the weather. It was so warm out!
Does this mean spring is around the corner?

So can we just take a moment and talk about this duster.
I've been searching for one for a really long time.
They are the best for transitioning between seasons;
and it doesn't help that they are super cute :)

Pink Blush sent this one over to me and I was just beyond impressed.
I've said it many times before that I am a HUGE boutique lover.
I love boutiques because lets be real the quality is great 
and I always find something more unique.
I'm also loving this kimono and hello these shoes are amazing!

I love that with any duster no matter what color 
I always love keeping the outfit simple.
Nothing like a basic white shirt and some
ripped jeans to look effortless.
PS those loafers were an amazing find from 
(more on them later this week, but hint hint they are amazing!)

Pink Blush and I are giving away a $50 dollar gift card to one lucky lady!
Check my Instagram later today for all the details :)
Good Luck!

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Beauty Review Vol. 2 \\

Happy Wednesday

So today I bring to you my second installment of a new series I started.
If you know me then you know I'm not a huge beauty guru.  
HELLO Contour help??! 

The one thing I do know is I love all natural products.
The reason I do is with you skin being the largest protectant your body has;
it also makes it more susceptible to be injured the most.
Now that I turned 30 I decided to switch up my skin regime 
and take the plunge into more natural products.
After spending about 2 hours in ULTA I finally found a product 
that I was happy about and didn't spend a ton of money.
I give you JUICE BEAUTY they are my new favorite. 

I also didn't purchase the products in their large jars;
I opted for a trial pack and quickly fell in love.
The thing about trial packs is that they normally let you try
all the good stuff for a fraction of the price!

I love that they are all natural and aren't harsh on the skin.
With Chicago winters being so cold 
it's so hard to find good products that don't leave you red, 
dry and wishing you had moisture.

This product leaves my skin feeling silky smooth,
moisturized, and protected. 
All the products are fruit and plant based, 
which is one thing I truly was after.
I also love that they leave my skin protected.
It has been 3 weeks since using and I can already see a difference. 

They smell amazing too.
Light and lemon fresh.

So tell me have you tried any all natural products?! Do you have a favorite?

Winter Feathers \\

Happy Friday

Is anyone else super excited Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year?
I'm super pumped for the amazing brunch I'm going to have.
Any plans for you all?

I was originally going to plan a bunch of posts 
with some Valentines looks.
Opted not to especially when SHEIN sent this
feathered number over.

I took one look at myself in the mirror and thought....
I look like a white bird.
But, that's what I like most about this feather frock.
It's different.
It's unique.
It makes me smile.
Nothing that a little leather can't help :)

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So tell me would you ever wear a feather shirt?!

Beauty Review Vol. 1

Happy Wednesday

How has your week been going so far?
I hope it's been going great.
It snowed again here in Chicago and this weather has me all...
I love Chicago don't get me wrong but I really wish Spring would come!

Going from cold to semi-cold has really damaged my hair.
It's extra dry and now that I've dyed it back brown I need all the help I can get.

I was thrilled when Pantene (via influenster) sent me over
a new line of shampoo & conditioner.
I was super eager to try it out and was very surprised.
I love to try anything once and when it comes to my hair I will always try it.

After one use there was a noticeable difference.
My hair was shiny and smooth.
My hair also had great bounce and was really easy to manage.

When the boyfriend complimented me on my hair later that week
I knew I had a great product.
I wish I had taken a before and after but will post a hair tutorial later on.

*This post was brought to you by Influenster but all opinions are my very own.

Winter Floral \\

Happy Monday

How was your weekend?
Did you have an amazing time?
I missed this whole week, but being unplugged felt great!
Do you like the new look?
I wanted something just clean and sleek:)

It was really busy I attended a Blog conference on Saturday
more on that later this week.
Then Sunday I just stuffed my face during the Super Bowl.
It was fun to watch the game and hang out with some friends.

One thing though can we talk about this floral blazer?
I was super impressed when ROMWE sent it over.
It fits true to size and is incredibly soft and well made.
I often get nervous about sites because I can't try the clothes on.
Being petite thats a big issue I've come across,
especially if I'm not familiar with the brand.

The one thing I love the most about this blazer is the print.
I'm a sucker for anything floral and I love mixing it up.
I knew as soon as I saw the blazer I knew it had to paired with 
a little leather, and a little silk.

So spring hurry up because I am ready!

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Next Week \\


Happy Monday
I hope you had an amazing weekend.
I'll be taking a week off as the blog will be getting a makeover!
Don't worry you can still catch all the fun on 

See you next week!