8 Ways To Calm A Chaotic Spirit \\

Happy Friday

It's officially the weekend and well I couldn't be happier!
This week has once again flown by and I find myself
thinking the weekend!! Yay :)

Any fun plans? What are you all up to?
If you haven't already seen I really mixed it up this week.
No worries I'll be back to posting fun outfits real soon.
I've been giving tips on how to stay healthy,
and last but not least todays post is all about calming a chaotic spirit.

Life is chaotic.
It's wonderful.
It's Messy.

But I have some amazing ways for you to embrace all
that life is and find calmness.
(I'm no expert I've just found these to be really helpful)

1. Getting Rest
I still stay up late sometimes because I can’t sleep
 Or I didn’t give myself enough time to just get things done. 
STOP doing that right now. 
Set a schedule and stick to it. 
Phone off. 
TV off.
 Lights off and go to bed. 
Creating a peaceful sleeping situation is key to a calm night.
When you sleep well, you feel better and are more calm.

2. Simplify Schedules
Set a routine in the Am & PM.
Even if that means getting up earlier I promise you
not leaving the house in a rush is a day to day game changer.

3. De-clutter
 Yes, you know all those mini piles you have lying around.
 I’m guilty of them too.
 Yet once all those piles are picked up
  ahhh!!! Let the calmness set in.

4. Give up Perfection
The only one perfect is God.  
I often find myself being too hard on myself,
and it truly shows in every aspect of my life. 
Doing the best that you can and allowing that to be okay will help calm your spirit.

5. Time-outs
Not just for kids!
 Give yourself time throughout the day to just rest. 
Breathe and find those moments to relax and recenter. 
Your spirit will thank you.

6. Play Music
I have a playlist that plays my favorite music.
 As well as calming music, so that when
 I’m stressing it really helps bring my mood up.

7. Drink tea
I know I may be re-stating things you already know;
but trust me drinking tea in a special glass
seems to really help me. 

8. If all else fails scream into a pillow :) It really helps!

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So tell me do you have anyway to calm a chaotic life?! 


  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've been liking the switch-up in post topics, they've been great. Awesome tips, girl. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Love the fusion tea. Have a fun weekend!

    - Seyra x

  4. I love this post so much! Great tips! I'm a big believer in trying to calm down and get relief from life's stresses. I adore drinking tea and taking baths to get me more relaxed. I also find that staying off social media helps a lot!


    Love, Mary

  5. Love that photo! I am such a tea person. It definitely helps me calm down.

  6. Great tips, and omg I love that lip tease mug <3

    Pink Wings

  7. Great tips!! I love the mug.

    Adi xx

  8. love this! great tips and reminders. number 4 is definitely my favorite :)

  9. I really love you :) Happy New Year!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)


  10. thank you for the great tips Jessy. I'm going to keep them in mind all this week. By the way, congratulations!!!
    The Color Palette