8 Ways To Calm A Chaotic Spirit \\

Happy Friday

It's officially the weekend and well I couldn't be happier!
This week has once again flown by and I find myself
thinking the weekend!! Yay :)

Any fun plans? What are you all up to?
If you haven't already seen I really mixed it up this week.
No worries I'll be back to posting fun outfits real soon.
I've been giving tips on how to stay healthy,
and last but not least todays post is all about calming a chaotic spirit.

Life is chaotic.
It's wonderful.
It's Messy.

But I have some amazing ways for you to embrace all
that life is and find calmness.
(I'm no expert I've just found these to be really helpful)

1. Getting Rest
I still stay up late sometimes because I can’t sleep
 Or I didn’t give myself enough time to just get things done. 
STOP doing that right now. 
Set a schedule and stick to it. 
Phone off. 
TV off.
 Lights off and go to bed. 
Creating a peaceful sleeping situation is key to a calm night.
When you sleep well, you feel better and are more calm.

2. Simplify Schedules
Set a routine in the Am & PM.
Even if that means getting up earlier I promise you
not leaving the house in a rush is a day to day game changer.

3. De-clutter
 Yes, you know all those mini piles you have lying around.
 I’m guilty of them too.
 Yet once all those piles are picked up
  ahhh!!! Let the calmness set in.

4. Give up Perfection
The only one perfect is God.  
I often find myself being too hard on myself,
and it truly shows in every aspect of my life. 
Doing the best that you can and allowing that to be okay will help calm your spirit.

5. Time-outs
Not just for kids!
 Give yourself time throughout the day to just rest. 
Breathe and find those moments to relax and recenter. 
Your spirit will thank you.

6. Play Music
I have a playlist that plays my favorite music.
 As well as calming music, so that when
 I’m stressing it really helps bring my mood up.

7. Drink tea
I know I may be re-stating things you already know;
but trust me drinking tea in a special glass
seems to really help me. 

8. If all else fails scream into a pillow :) It really helps!

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So tell me do you have anyway to calm a chaotic life?! 

3 Ways To Make Your Desk Personal \\

Happy Wednesday
Happy dance we are halfway through the week!!

I had a friend over the other day and she just loved how simple and clean my workspace was.
&& with that I snapped a few pictures of my little space.

Living in the city you think of cramped spaces,
 and don't get me wrong I had my share of those apts!
But, now blessed with more space I was able to give myself a little space of heaven.
I love white, because of its clean lines and minimalist look.
However; I needed some touches of gold since I'm a huge fan.

The boyfriend and I share an office and it is literally night and day!
While I favor a little more modern looking space;
he is all about the traditional.
Trust me it has been quite a challenge combining our two esthetics.

I've found 3 Ways 
to really make my desk my own personal space:

1. Find a theme you love and run with it.
Whether you like white or black, any desk can be beautiful.
White pairs nicely with more airy colors; while black is best in bold colors.

2. Add personal touches that make it yours.
I'm a huge fan of jewels so when I saw those jewel erasers I knew I had to have them!
More personal touches can be something old and new; 
or something that just perfectly describes you.
Don't forget this space is yours so keep it as messy or as organized as you want.

3. Remember you'll probably be there a lot. 
So keep things around you that inspire you.
Things that motivate you. 
Whether it's pictures, quotes, or nick nacks.
All these things will translate into a space that is truly you.

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So tell me how do you make your workspace personal?!

5 Ways To Stay Healthy In 2016 \\

Happy Monday 
How has your 2016 been going so far?
Have you been checking things off your 
goal list?

In 2016 I said I would do things with more passion.
That included everything from working,
to having fun.
One other thing I said I would do is
to live a healthier lifestyle.

Being a vegetarian,
one would think I would eat pretty healthy.
That is true, but with the holidays
I had a bad case of the sweet tooth! 
Too many homemade cookies and cakes :)
Not complaining at all,
but I began to feel sluggish and slow.

So with the turn of the New Year
I've found 5 ways that have been really helping me stay healthy.

1. I've been juicing every morning.
I spent a good chunk of time on Pinterest finding new juice recipes.
It was a little overwhelming at first and yet very inspiring!

2. I downloaded this app called Sworkit 
I'm telling you this app is amazing, especially if you don't have time for the gym.
It enables me to pick a workout; from beginner, intermediate, or advance.
Select a desired time from 10 minutes to 90 minutes & just workout.
Life Changing!!

3. Another great thing about working out is buying workout gear!
Anyone else take advantage of Victoria Secret and their buy a sports bra
get a pair of workout pants free?!

4. Setting an alarm and sticking to it!
This has been the most challenging thing for me to do.
Even on the coldest Monday I've been getting up and hitting my mat.
Just me and my living room :)

5. Set SMART goals.
In college we learned SMART as
This acronym has really helped me stay focused and on top.
Especially after a week of hard work and sticking to my goals
I totally go and have that gluten free donut from Stan's.
I deserve it right?!

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So tell me what are some of your goals for 2016?!

Bordeaux & Blush \\

Happy Friday!

Let's all stand up and do a happy dance because it is the weekend!
Brrrr this week has been particularly chilly here in Chicago. 
How's the weather by you? 
I'm really curious.
I wanted nothing more than to just snuggle up
in warm turtlenecks and call it a day.

Something about being petite made
buying turtlenecks really hard.
But the trick is to go down a size and 
get it in petite if you can.
Also mastering the tuck really helps make those
oversized turtlenecks fit you nicely!

If you can purchase one in a fun color
such as this one pretty blush;
makes it that much more special.

When I saw this one at Banana Republic I knew
I had to have it!
 The price well is was under $15
and it is beyond cozy and warm. 
Also, this blush color had me thinking of spring;
even in the dead of winter.

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So tell me have you taken the plunge on turtlenecks this season?

Fringe & Flare \\

Happy Wednesday 

I'm so glad that this blazer is still available :)
I'm serious it is so darn cute! 
I just love the fringe detail and it fits beautifully.

The one think I love about a great blazer
is pairing it with flare jeans.
Unexpected and yet polished.

Also throwing on a pair of leopard heels
is always a good idea too!

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So tell me do you own any fringe blazers?!

Weekend Loafers \\

Happy Monday 

It has been so darn chilly this weekend in Chicago.
I really had no desire to anything
but curl up on the couch and do nothing.
Well, that is exactly what I did!
Did you have an amazing weekend?
What did you do?

I always love wearing something a little more casual
when I'm just hanging around the house.
Just a simple shirt, jeans and cardigan
always does the trick.
But lets talk about loafers for a minute.
I am all about them!
Because, well anyone can wear them;
short or tall.
They really flatter anyone.

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What are your weekend go-to's?!

Lime Tweed \\

Happy Friday 

If you've been following me on Instagram
then you know Chicago has been majorly chilly!
So chilly that I would rather snuggle up with my two pups 
then get out of bed.
Yesterday seemed increasingly warmer
but you still needed a coat and gloves.

The one thing I love about Chicago is it
truly gives me an excuse to invest in good outwear.
When its cold its cold 
when it's warm it's well, warm.
You get the picture.

Anyway, if you know me then you know I love shopping at boutiques.
When I saw this jacket over the summer
I knew I had to snatch it.
Yes, that was me shopping for winter clothes in the summer!
A little insider tip;
get to know your boutique owner.
That way when it's off season you can 
always get something unique and for half the price.
If you frequent there often sometimes they 
will even hold pieces for you. 

This coat is no longer available I searched so hard;
but I linked an amazing one that looks just as amazing!

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So tell me do you shop off season too?

Camel Statement \\

Happy Wednesday

How's your week going?
I have so much going on today and tomorrow and then it's the weekend.
I'm going to need a vacation from this week. 

Thursday I'll be attending Blogging Basics class and am super excited!
I feel that even with some blogging time under my belt;
you can always learn something new.
I am nowhere near where I want to be
so I try to take as many as I can!
Plus, I just love connecting with new ladies
who are passionate about the things I am. 

Let's talk about clothes for a minute now.
When I saw this jacket at LOFT
I knew I had to have it. 
Classics like this never go out of style,
Plus it comes in petite which is a major plus.
As far as these booties;
I've been searching and struck gold
at Nordstrom. 
They were worth every penny a little pricey but
I've worn them more than I can count.

I always love having a statement piece in my outfit
and my vintage Chanel pin was a great find 
and also not too expensive.
Especially for Vintage.
Sometimes ladies you just have to dig a little
and you might strike gold.

My pin and shoes are no longer available but
 I linked similar pieces!

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So tell me ladies what are your favorite statement pieces you own. 

Pop of Pink \\

Happy Monday

So tell me did you all have an amazing weekend?!
I did absolutely nothing and it was the most glorious thing ever.
It also hit a record high of 19 degrees here;
so I really just wanted to snuggle and be comfy.

Chicago get it together!
I love this city but that wind has got to go.
I swear while trying to 
figure out what to wear for this shoot.
Which shouldn't be a problem;
I own way too many clothes.
The problem was that I 
realized all my cozy clothes,
don't have a lot of color.

No matter how beautiful;
the item it still is the same color scheme.
Black, grey & white,
Seems to be a strong color wheel in my closet!
That is why I always try to have a colorful
purse or bag because it really brightens up your outfit.

 The little that I nanny for gave me this one
two years ago and I love it so much!
She knows my love for bright colored purses is real.

Things I did get accomplished :
meal planned for the week
figured out my juices for the week
created my workouts for the week
picked out all my clothes for work for the week.
So Chicago if you bring some terrible weather 
my wardrobe and I will be ready!!

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Please let me know if you have any amazing juice recipes!