Friday's Vest \\

Happy Friday Y'all

OMG the weekend is finally here!
Happy Dance Happy Dance!!
My goodness...
Does anyone ever feel like that?!

This week was painfully slow;
but made so many leaps and bounds!

So I need your opinion.
Do you like the vest?
I made it and I wasn't sure how I felt about it.
I love it because I made it;
but just having a creative worry I guess.

I feel like it's too long,
but I'm afraid to shorten it.

What do you think?

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The bag I designed but linked a similar one and the heels are old zara but I linked a cute sparkly pair as well!

Cozziness \\

Happy Wednesday Y'all

I'm so excited that Fall is officially here in Chicago. 
I just love Fall more than any other season.
Not because it's like the cool season;
is that a thing? 
But just because I love all the colors, 
the trees changing
and all of the warm cider drinks!

If you follow me on Instagram @dressjessilynn 
then you know that I am all about the cozziness!
One of my favorite things to wear are vests 
and I love pairing them with chunky sweaters!
Not only are you warm 
but you just look cozy 
and who wouldn't want to look like that!

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Happy Monday Y'all
I hope your weekend didn't go by too fast :)

I know I've said it before,
but I really need another day in the week.
But this weekend I made sure to 
schedule in a photoshoot or two.
OK maybe six...

So stay tuned because this week I'm
feeling #allofthefall

So lets start with black.
I am all about a great poncho
especially when the nights are cooler.
I know fall is all about
the rich warm tones.
But sometimes I am just feeling 
It's always a go-to. 

Also can we all just take a moment
and talk about these boots.
I really thought this brand was
a well kept secret.
Turns out not so much. 
Especially since blogging has
really taken off!

Either way good shoes are worth
every penny.
&& I am so glad I got them.

So tell me what have been your fall splurges?

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Monday \\

Happy Monday Y'all
Hope you had an amazing weekend.

I had a friend in town and well
let's just say nothing
really got done!

Had a ton of fun though...
So totes not complaining!

Happy Monday!

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Fall Leopard \\

Happy Friday Y'all
Have you just been loving this fall weather?
I have been taking full advantage of it.
I've been overindulging in some PSL.
Anyone else having that problem?! 

I have a full weekend ahead of me
one of my sorority sisters is coming in from AZ.
EEEKKK I haven't seen her
since I was in her wedding.
Wayyy over due. 

Praying she doesn't bring the warm sun with her! 
Can't wait to do all the fun fall stuff with her :)
Like carve a pumpkin,
drink wine,
cozy up by a fire.

I'm all about black and grey because sometimes
Fall colors don't have to be so rich!
Cheers to the weekend!

Any fun plans this weekend? 

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