Fall Vintage \\

Happy Tuesday Y'all
I know so sorry I was MIA last week.
I've kinda had a busy week.
I mean I dyed my hair purple.
Fall happened.
I adopted a puppy!
More on her lovely self later :)

Can we all take a moment for this jacket.
I mean COME ON!!!!!
Tweed with Neon.

I love a great vintage piece every now and again.
When I saw this it had to come home with me.
There was no questions about it.

It did 
I'm in love.

So tell me are you wearing any vintage this fall?!

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I've linked some of my favorite tweed jackets for fall.

Black & Orange \\

Happy Friday Y'all
Ahhhh who is ready for the weekend?!

I'm so pumped.
I have a jam packed weekend.
A good nanny friend of mine is getting married!
& not to brag but I made the bowties! 

But no worries...
Because with an outfit like this
I'm begging for a full weekend.

When I saw these pants I knew 
that they would have to make
their way to my closet!
&& thank goodness they did. 

The color just screams Fall
& the only thing missing
is a PSL, 
or a pumpkin.

 A blooper photo but CHEERS to the weekend! 

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Red & Vegan Black \\

Happy Wednesday Y'all
Halfway through the week.
This week just flying by.
Not complaining one bit!

There is something about red and black
that I just LOVE!
If I didn't nanny I would wear this
color combo

Once again a pair of pants that
I didn't want to just be worn 
in the summer.

So, I toughened the look 
a little.
With of course none other than 
with a black VEGAN Leather top, 
that I made

Yep, you read that correctly.
I made this beauty, 
and that is the best part.

I told you I was going to start sneaking 
in my designs. 
I really can't wait to show you 
all my designs.
P.S. That bag, 
I designed!

So tell me are there any color combos that you love to wear?

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Falling for Gingham \\

Happy Monday Y'all
I hope your weekend went glorious!

I had a super busy weekend.
Styled some amazing women for Loft, 
cooked some amazing food,
and just relaxed.

I seriously need another
day to my weekend. 
Whose with me?!

Is it me or do you love mixing it up
when creating your outfits?
I'm all about mixing up my outfits.
Whether it be patterns,
or mixing seasons.
For some reason I love doing that.

Bring into the mix these
gingham pants.
I got these pants and thought, 
gahhhh I don't want to just wear them
in the summer.

So I thought,
 how else can I rock these bad boys?!
Well you throw on a black-t,
some jewels,
 and a moto jacket.
Don't forget that attitude :)

That my friends is how you sneak those 
summer staples into your fall wardrobe!

Tell me how do you sneak those summer staples into your fall collection?

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In the trench \\

Happy Friday Y'all 
Are you guys totally loving this weather??
Chicago you sure have got me feeling 
like fall.

If you follow me on Instagram 
then I know you saw this look before.
&& if you don't follow me.
You totes should! 

This outfit is one that I feel
so amazing in.
So I thought why not 
start my Fall Fashion with 
one of my favorites!

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So I know some of these items
are no longer available but I've linked
some similar ones!

Do you have any outfits that will be on major repeat this season?!
Cheers to the weekend! 

Off Shoulder \\

Happy Wednesday Y'all
I know it's been awhile since I last posted!
Life happens ya know... 

Anyway, I'm totally stoked that summer has 
officially ended!
I can now 
start dressing for fall.
Well once the Chicago
weather catches up!

So I decided I would end my
summer fashion with 
some off the shoulder white.

I hope you continue to stop by
for all my fall inspiration!
I have a lot up my sleeve ;)

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