The LWD \\

Happy Monday Y'all

I hope you had an amazing weekend!
Whaaaa my vacation is over :(
I had so much fun and later on all that this week.

I loved this dress the minute I received it in the mail.
I'm so glad this summer it was all about the LWD.
This one is so sweet and simple 
and of course it fit like a glove!

Loft you hit it out of the park with this one!
Since you all know I haven't been shopping 
since January 1st! 

I love how I can take something so simple,
and classic and turn it into a great
summer look!

P.S. I totes took this look on vacation with me.
I mean how could I not!

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So tell me how do you style your LWD?

On Repeat \\

Happy Friday Y'all
Happy dance!
Happy dance! 

There is something about a 
great haircut...
It is life changing!
This haircut has given me
some new found confidence
and has given me so many outfit ideas!

I am all about the basics with 
my day to day wear,
but this outfit 
will be on major repeat!

I love a great peplum top 
and this one is perfect.
Not only is it super comfortable,
but it looks great with anything.
from jeans to boyfriend shorts!
Which by the way were the best invention ever!!

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So tell me which outfits of yours are on major repeat?


Happy Wednesday Y'all

Getting my haircut was the best thing.
Its liberating! I love it :)
Bonus points that the BF loves it too!

Can we just talk about how hard it is
to find a new stylist.
My last stylist turned my hair orange 
and left my hair more damaged than 
when I walked in.
I gave my hair a break for a few months
ok like 6 months.

So when George the Salon asked me to try them out
I felt that it was just perfect timing.
I needed to get my haircut, 
and I also needed to get over my fear
of the orange hair.

From the moment I walked into the Salon
I felt right at home.
The Salon is beautiful.
The staff was amazing. 
 My stylist Michelle
was just the absolute sweetest!
I knew the minute I sat down
that I had my new forever stylist.

Going short wasn't a hard decision, 
but finding the perfect cut was.  
I showed Michelle a few photos and then 
we talked about my hair.

How I style it daily, 
what products I use,
and my time commitment!
I have a natural wave, 
so we played with my 
hair strengths!

I think between my pictures
and Michelle's amazing skills
we knocked this one out of the park!
I highly recommend this amazing Salon
and ask for Michelle she is just the best.

*Thank you George the Salon for contributing to this post. 

Laid Back \\

Happy Monday Y'all

Well this girl is on a little vacation.
It is so nice to just get away and unplug!
But don't worry check back all week 
I'll be posting some great looks!

If you haven't already noticed
 I chopped 5 inches off my hair.
EEEEEEKKK I know right!

It wasn't a spur of the moment thing;
I've been wanting to cut it short.
It's just I wanted a great stylist to do it.
(More on that Salon tomorrow)

So I felt that a haircut of this 
warranted an outfit 
that was a little more laid back chic!

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Here's to a Monday that is laid back!