Ladylike \\

Dress. Loft ℅ (sold out) (similar here & here) Purse. (gifted & sold out) (similar here)  
Wedges. (old Forever 21) (similar here & here)

Happy Friday Y'all

Wow I feel like this week just flew by!
Oh my goodness summer has finally arrived here in Chicago!
I love it!!
Bring it on summer!!

So I wasn't sure exactly when and where I would wear this dress.
Its so lovely and very ladylike.
it has pockets! 
Totally perfect in every which way!

Finally after much thought,
I realized brunch or high tea would be the best place!

Besides nothing is better than a 
Especially when it as ladylike as this one!

Cheers to the weekend! 
So tell me do you own any ladylike dresses?

Limoncello \\

 Shirt. Loft (gifted) Shorts. Loft (gifted) (on sale!) 
Wedges. Forever 21 (similar here & here) Sungies. Vintage (similar here)

Happy Wednesday Y'all

Ok so these shorts are just so cute :)
They make me want to be sipping on some
Once again the Loft strikes again!
I love the vintage sailor 
vibe they are giving me!

I received these as a gift from a really good friend of mine.
That just warms my heart because she knows I'm not shopping!
She said she was buying myself something saw these
and thought you needed to have them!

It's moments like that-that make me so happy!
I'm really glad I've been so committed to this 
Not because I sometimes get "gifts"
but because it makes wearing my clothes
that much more special.

So tell me how do you make your Wednesday's more special?

                                                                                 Shopping My Closet

All American \\

Shirt. Express (super old) (similar here ) Pants. Loft ℅  on super sale!) (I have petite obvi)
Shoes. Forever 21 (I know right!) (similar here & here) Sungies. Vintage (similar here )
Jewels. Watch, Bracelet, Rings

 Happy Monday Y'all

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.
Mine turned out to so busy I didn't want it to end!
Saturday I had the pleasure
of attending Simply Stylist!
So much fun meeting all my fellow bloggers out there.

Can we just talk about these pants for a moment?
Just sent from heaven,
and landed right in my petite lap.

I've been wanting a pair of red pants
for some time now.
Not only are these pants as cute 
as the button details;
but, they also make my legs look
so long.
And that my friends is perfection! 

So tell me do you own any pants that are just perfection?

Insta-Lately \\

Happy Friday Y'all

OMG! sooooo excited for the weekend! 
I can't wait to attend Simply Stylist 
this Saturday.
I won't be there till the end, 
because I have a surgery earlier that day.
  I'll be sure to join in on the fun
later in the day. 
Hope to see you all there for some mingling and cocktails!

Shirt \ Jeans \ Shoes (on sale) \ Jewels (local boutique) \

Shirt ℅ \ Shorts ℅ \ Shoes \ Sungies \ Jewels (local boutique)\

Shirt (local boutique) \ Joggers \ Shoes \

I know I've been MIA on the blog this week.
 I'm just getting back from a much needed vacation
 and wanted to be unplugged for a while!

So until then some of my favorite looks from Instagram
 since July started.
If we aren't friends yet we totally should be! 
Follow me along @dressjessilynn
 I'll make sure to do the same!

Because I always need at least another day!!
Any fun plans for your weekend?!

Stripes & Florals \\ Look #3

 Shirt \ Overalls \ Hat \ Shoes \

Happy Friday Y'all

Hope you all had an amazing week.
Well I'm on a much needed vacation.
Cant wait to share with you those pictures.

I've always loved a 
plain t and
a hat combo.
It just really feels laid back and comfy!

So when thinking of my last look
I thought why not?

Cheers to a comfy weekend!

Alleycats & Trench Coats \\ Look #2

Shirt \ Overalls \ Trench old but similar here \ Shoes old but similar here \ Clutch \ Jewels local boutique\ Sunglasses sold out in black but similar here

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Today marks the beginning of my vacation.
Insert happy dance and fun emoji's.
I'm excited to be able to unwind and relax.

Anyway, can we just talk about this 
outfit for a moment.

I was thinking of how else
 I wanted to style 
my overalls.
I was stuck and then boom.
Grabbed some heels,
 a sleeveless trench, 
my sungies and some jewels.

I wasn't too happy when I first put it on,
but then I thought
who cares!

About that, 
I normally 
love my outfits.
But sometimes
I get self conscious,
 and well just don't feel so 
AHH mazing.

So for when you have those 
 Throw on some lipstick,
a great pair of shades
walk out the door!

Don't forget the confidence :)

So tell me would you ever wear a trench and overalls?

Because Monday's OVERALL \\ Look #1

Shirt\ Overalls (old but that pair is cute)\ Shoes (sold out but they have similar styles)\ Sungies \ Purse \ Watch 

Happy Monday Y'all

I get it Mondays can just be the worst.
They are just so hard after a 3 day
weekend too!

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th. 
Celebrating it with the ones you love.

With Mondays being overall stinky;
it got me thinking.
So I decided this week; I am going to
bring three looks involving
a pair of overalls.

So tell me how do you style your overalls?

Palms and Love \\

Palm Print

Happy Thursday!
So today is basically my
Friday, so I am 
just loving today!!

Cheers to a 4 day work week :)

I wasn't too sure if I could love 
the Palm Print trend going on right now.
It reminded me a little of Tommy Bahama ;) 
and well then that reminded me
 of 8th grade graduation parties.

But, this print has officially won me over. 
Still wishing I could shop
because those shoes 
and that romper would be in my closet now!

So tell me are you diggin' this print?
Which ones are your favorites?