Chicago Summers \\

I hope you had an amazing weekend. 
I finally had a weekend off where I had nothing to do so I got so much done!

I forgot what it was like to enjoy my weekend. 
I slept in, 
cleaned a little, 
did some designing 
went to the Randolf Street Market.

There is something about Chicago 
and being in the mid 70's. 
The city really comes alive. 

Being so beautiful out I decided 
I would put one of my new shirts I made, 
and hit the city the only way I know how.

Hat |Sungies |Shirt (made by me) | Similar here | Pants | Wedges | Jewelry (local boutique)

So tell me how did you spend your weekend?

Rocking with ROCKSBOX \\

Happy Wednesday Y'all

I know you've probably seen ROCKSBOX
floating around your instagram.
(While you're at it you should follow me on
instagram too :)
If you haven't well you are in for a treat!

ROCKSBOX is this new jewelry company
that sends you jewelry
based on your individual style.

You can keep the pieces as long
or as little as you want!

All you have to do is complete your style profile.
Add some amazing jewels to your wish list.
And wait for the mailman.

I love jewelry so much,
 I have a huge collection;
edgy to delicate pieces.

My style changes every day
 and that is one reason I love this company.
I can stay on trend without breaking my budget!

Also, if you know you have an event coming up 
let them know they will
personally tailor your set to the event!

So I've teamed up with ROCKSBOX
and am gifting you a free month!

All you have to sign up here 
and make sure to enter code

No signup is necessary
and I promise you won't be charged!

Do you already have ROCKSBOX? 
Do you absolutely love it?