Happy Monday!

February just flew by, but boy am I glad. 
For some reason I feel like February is the black sheep of all the months. 
I know it should be my favorite because it’s my birthday month
 but I'm over it. 
February is so short and for some reason always so cold!

Well March 1st marked a big turning point for me.
I can honestly say that I have not bought one clothing item since January 1.
It has not been easy trust me. 
I have found myself out with friends, 
they are shopping
 and I wish I could have bought something.

But I have also learned from it as well. 
I learned more about me in that short span than I expected.

For starters:
I learned to appreciate clothes when I see them. 
I now find myself feeling the fabrics
 and watching it move when I look at the garment.
This was by far one the best things I learned!

I learned that when buying $50.00 a yard fabric try not ruin it. 
(Yes, that happened and tears also came with that.) 
Or buy muslin and make the mistakes with that!
But, I learned from that mistake
 and actually a beautiful piece came from it.

I found myself filling two sketchbooks
of just beautiful clothes.
 Filled those sketchbooks with notes,
 swatches of fabric,
and possibly the worst stick figures ever!
I never knew how many ideas I had 
in my head till I was forced to sit down
and just 

I found myself sewing all the fabrics I bought a long time ago.
I realized that I have a great spring and summer skirt wardrobe going on.
I also realized that I have a unique take
on dresses and skirts.
I cant wait to show you!

Last but not least,
My bank account also thanked me as well, 
and that is an amazing feeling.

So tell me what did February teach you?