Weekend Basics \\

Happy Monday!
I hope your weekend was great! 

Jacket, Sweater & Booties all Old Navy but no longer available. 
This jacket is similar. This is close second to my sweater. These booties are pretty close too. 
Boyfriends jeans Zara old. Loving this one & this one. Scarf Zara old Purse old but I love this one.  

Once Friday rolls around I get so excited for the weekend.
I always think of all the fun things I am going to do.
I'm sure if you are a full time worker bee like me 
than the weekends are filled with catching up and errands.

I actually have no problem running errands, 
in fact, I do enjoy them.
Especially if I have a Starbucks in hand. 
The weekend was no different and that is okay.
Sometimes the routine is so worth it. 

Cheers to a great week.
So tell me how was your weekend?!

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