Sweater Weather \\

Happy Wednesday Y'all

I've had the past two days off from nannying it's been nice,
 but I am so ready to be back in my routine.
I'm sure she misses  my crazy games, silly faces
and stories!
At least I hope she does :)

Shirt. ASOS. Sweater. The Limited. Jeans. Gap. Necklace (old ) JCREW.

 I got this sweater almost two months ago.
I know right...
It just sat there folded so nicely in my closet.

About folding your sweaters...
Rule of thumb in Jessica's clothing rule book.
(not an expert by any means, but I do know some stuff)
Sweaters should be folded,
if you notice
 most stores fold the delicate ones,
and hang the more sturdy ones.
(I really think all sweaters should be folded, but that's just me)
If you could fold your sweaters,
you really should.
It keeps the integrity of the fabric.
Just a little tip.

Once again I couldn't decided when to wear it.
How I wanted to style it.
Should I save it for a night in?
Or wear it out on the town?
Big mistake I wish I would have worn it sooner.
This sweater is so cozy and warm, 
regretting not pulling it out sooner. 

Being petite it's hard to not get swallowed
in the whole oversized sweater look.
But this sweater fits just right,
long enough,
 form fitting enough,
I am not engulfed in its fabric. 

I really hope sweaters like this don't go out of style anytime soon.
Because I really liked this one.
A Lot...