Snow Day \\

I hope you all had a productive weekend.
It’s the first Monday of the New Year! 
Can you believe it?!
 I cheated a little bit this past weekend. 
I know what a great way to start 2015.  
I just can't seem to start a New Year’s resolution on a Saturday!
 Kudos to you if you were able to.
I’m jealous of you :)

 Coat. Plaid Shirt (old). Sweater. Purse  Old Navy. Jeans H&M. Boots Coach. Mittens. Ear muffs. (both old) ASOS. 

Sunday’s are normally for snuggling
 but this past Sunday it was snowing in the city. 
Chicago man.
I decided to take full advantage of the snow. 
I had such an amazing time shooting my outfits in the snow, 
cold but a lot of fun. 
There is something just magical about snow, 
combined with the city it really is a perfect recipe.

One of my goals in 2015 was to blog better. 
I'm still very new to this whole blogging world but I wanted to bring more to you! 
I have so many wonderful things in store for the blog this upcoming year.

I hope you continue to stop by 
are inspired by
 my love for color, 
of course my designs.

So I leave you with a little 
Monday Motivation
Go out and be amazing :)

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