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Happy Wednesday Y'all
Halfway through the week.
How are we all doing?
Are you having a pretty easy week
or are you dying for Friday to roll around?

Chicago was lucky enough to get a little dust of snow.
Of course that could only mean one thing!

Vest. Old Navy. (sold out). Shirt. Old Navy (sold out) similar .Jeans. H&M. Boots. Hunter. 

Snow Day!!
Just kidding :) I don't get those!
But, I did get a chance to play in the snow.
Totally worth it. 

Theres is something I love about snow.
The earth feels a little warmer,
at least it does to me.
The fact that snow sparkles,
I love sparkles.

Possibly my favorite reason is it gives me a 
reason to have a snowball fight!
Nothing is more fun that throwing snow at the ones you love.
Especially if at first they don't 
want snow thrown at them.
After the first snowball,
they always seem to warm up.

Do you love snow as much as I do?
Or is it just me?
Wishing you a great rest of the week. 


  1. You look cute in anything you wear! Always adorable!

  2. You're so cute in your snow day attire! I love that vest!