It's the snow \\

Let me just start by saying 
A huge shout out to a friend of mine in Michigan.
(girl you know who you are)
She encouraged me to invest in a camera.
 She helped through the whole buying process, 
called places asking specific questions 
and was such a great cheerleader.

So I bought the camera, 
watched close to 50 plus hours trying to learn the camera.
Thought I was doing ok,
 until I uploaded the pictures 
and they are a 

(I blame the snow)
Sweater (old) Plaid Shirt (old) Shoes. Coach. Mittens & Hat. ASOS. Purse. Michael Kors.

But you know what I am okay with that this week. 
I Skyped with her and she showed me the basics about my camera.
She was better than any other tutorial, or video. 
What can I say, 
other than thank you...

I am here to start off 2015 with 
Thankful Tuesday.

So thank you Lindsey. 
Here is to next week 
pictures that aren’t a

big OL' BLUR…

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