Faux Friday Fur \\

Happy Friday Y'all

I hope you had an amazing week! 
It was a short one for me but still jam packed.

I've had this vest for over a two years now 
and I've worn it so much I'm surprised it's held up. 
Especially since I bought it from Hot Topic. 
Yes, you heard me correctly Hot Topic.

Turtle Neck. (old) H&M. Vest. (old) Hot Topic. Jeans J Brand. Shoes. Coach (on sale too) Purse Tory Burch was gifted but you can get it here. Belt (old) F21

I was in there to buy a present as a joke 
and saw this vest and couldn't believe my eyes.
I quickly grabbed my size tried it on a purchased it. 
The best part about this faux fur vest, it has pockets! 

About shopping out of your comfort zone. 
When shopping out of your comfort zone you have to know what your doing. 
(I am by no means an expert, but I'm pretty much a pro now, lots of mistakes made along the way)
Trust Me!

I decided I would share my two rules I live by
when shopping out of my comfort zone. 
This is all learned experience,
 and has really helped me of the years avoid certain stores 
and gravitate towards others. 

1. Don't be biased. 
For a long time I was set on certain stores 
and never ventured anywhere else but those stores. 
Until one day,
 I walked into Hot Topic as a joke and found this faux fur vest. 
Total score which made me think what else is out there.

2. Shopping the children's department. 
Don't always just hit the little girls side, 
wander to the little boys you never know. 
This really only works for shorties like me. 
(sorry all you tall beauties out there)

So now I don't just scurry past stores like Hot Topic, 
or deny the children's department. 
I walk in because you never know what you may find. 

Until Monday...

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