Coming Soon 2015 \\

Wow I can't even believe that 2014 is almost over!
I'm happy to start fresh
and also a little sad.
I seriously don't know where the time went?
 I feel like it just flew by. 
Anybody else feeling that way?

In 2014 I had a laundry list of things
 I wanted to accomplish. 

I did complete some, 
while others were tossed
 to the back burner.
 I can now say this year 
I am going to finish my list!

I invite you to follow me on this journey.
 It’s going to be tough, 
but anything that isn't a little tough 
is almost not even worth it right?!

Drum roll please....

Live healthier
I know I am one of the hundreds of women trying to achieve this goal this year. 
But by healthier I mean overall healthier; 
spiritually, mentally, and physically.

I can admit I am terrible with my money. 
So careless to say the least. 
This year I am really going to work on being more financially sound.

Be Present
I have already been working on this and it is a struggle! 
What I mean is be in the moment 
 just enjoy the moment. 
Sometimes being in the moment
better than capturing the memory.

Design More
I have a huge book of sketches just waiting to be sewn. 
I am determined to show you out there my designs and my style!

Blog Better
This whole new world of blogging is very new to me and I am learning as I go. 
I really am excited to see where this journey takes me!

top, pants & scarf  Lululemon shoes Newbalance

2014 I learned two very important things from you: 
Forgiveness & Patience.

2015 Bring It! 

Wishing all you of you an amazing New Year!

Winter Florals \\

First let me just say Happy Monday!
I hope y’all had an amazing Holiday. 
Filled with delicious food 
and quality time with the ones you love.
I had such a great holiday. 
It was sad to leave Michigan,
 but I felt completely blessed the past few days.

A week or two ago I was contacted by eShakti clothing.
I was completely flattered 
and really excited to see what they had to offer.

I immediately fell in love with two skirts, 
a pink one 
(no surprise there)
 and a blue one.
After much debate  I decided on the blue one.

Shirt (my design) Skirt eShakti  Shoes Stuart Weitzman Clutch Akira (old) 

The whole concept of this site is amazing.
The size option is great from 0-36W
 (I mean that is blowing my mind)

You have the option to pick your length, 
add pockets (depending on design) 
and add your length.

When filling out your size info you also get to put your height in
this is great because being so short 
it is really hard to wear something right off the rack!

Overall the whole process was very easy
 and I am completely satisfied with how this garment turned out!

 I encourage you to check out the site 
and invest in something timeless, modern, or boho. 
Trust me it is worth your while! 

* Thank you eShakti for sponsoring this post*

Feeling Sporty \\

Happy Wednesday!

Halfway through the week and it feels so nice.

I bought this dress from Target
 I instantly fell in love with it.
It’s so hard to go into target and not find something I don’t love.
The curse of Target I say...

The best 3 three things about this dress are...
1. I was able to wear it right away (I didn't have to hem it-bonus)
2. I knew in my head right off the bat multiple ways to style it!
3. When your find something like that it is so worth the 20 bucks.

I also love the idea of styling an item multiple ways
so that is what I decided to do with this dress.
You may have seen here.
 I styled it with my favorite Hunter Boots 
hot pink scarf,
 and of course this super cute umbrella.

Today I was feeling a little sporty,
I really like the idea of a leather hat,
(its on sale now!)
varsity jacket (sold out) but I like 
 this one and this one
and of course my converse.

It was a perfect outfit for when I had to run errands
at Target. 


Pink Wellie Type of Day \\

Happy Wednesday!!
Just think we are halfway through the week. 

The city has been raining, snowing, and grey all week long so far.
 I hope your week has been a little brighter.

With all this grey 
I was so happy that I purchased these HunterPink Wellies last year. 
They made me so happy in the store, 
I just knew they would make a rainy grey day that much brighter!