Faux Fur \\

Living in Chicago I realized that burrrr it gets really cold around here!
 I mean you would think I would know this from last year, 
but oh dream on Jessica dream on… 

It’s only November and yet twice this week I have reached for my lovely fur snoods.
 Once I learned how they were made I decided to make a more than I needed. 
(Tutorial coming soon)!!
I could have stopped with the basic black and neutral, 
but then I found the faux fur section and I melted.  
(Excessive I know, but I plan on giving a few away)

A fur snood really dresses up a casual outfit, 
and instantly makes me feel a little more chic!
 They seem to have made a comeback with me this week, 
maybe the chicness of them
 or the fact that it’s a great 32 degrees here in the windy city. 

Wishing you a very warm Wednesday.  

xo, Jessica

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