Feeling Grey \\

I know monochromatic is a trend not for the faint of heart. 
But I love the way it looks,
especially in jewel tones and of course the ever classic black.  
Last month I bought some grey jeans,
I really liked the fit and I originally was going to pair them with some plaid,
then I thought why not all grey?!
It’s a risk, a big one I know.
  (my inner fashion goddess told me to do it)
 I'm okay with it because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. 
 I'm excited to try more of these looks.
 Have you ever tried a monochromatic look?

xo, Jessica

Faux Fur \\

Living in Chicago I realized that burrrr it gets really cold around here!
 I mean you would think I would know this from last year, 
but oh dream on Jessica dream on… 

It’s only November and yet twice this week I have reached for my lovely fur snoods.
 Once I learned how they were made I decided to make a more than I needed. 
(Tutorial coming soon)!!
I could have stopped with the basic black and neutral, 
but then I found the faux fur section and I melted.  
(Excessive I know, but I plan on giving a few away)

A fur snood really dresses up a casual outfit, 
and instantly makes me feel a little more chic!
 They seem to have made a comeback with me this week, 
maybe the chicness of them
 or the fact that it’s a great 32 degrees here in the windy city. 

Wishing you a very warm Wednesday.  

xo, Jessica

Mixing Textiles \\

 The reason I started this blog was to show my personal style. 
It is my mission, I said so myself! 
Bear with me since some of these shots are not the best,
 but not every shot is going to be perfect. 
Just like with designing not every stitch is going to be perfect. 
It takes 10,000 or more hours to perfect something they say. 
I used to roam around a fabric store just thinking of all the beautiful garments
 I could make if I only knew how. 

For a long time I sent my designs out 
and decided I didn't want to do that anymore, 
so I bought a sewing machine and just started to sew. 
This faux fur snood was something I wanted to make, 
and I didn't want to break the bank either. 
There is something about a faux fur snood I love, 
so versatile and surprisingly warm. 
When making your own clothing you tend to love the item just a little bit more. 
Case in point this snood, I love it. 

xo, Jessica