Styling a Blanket Scarf 3 Ways \\

I love scarves; anyone who knows me would tell you the same. 
I own close to about 80. 
Excessive I know, but I love how they can just transform even the basic White-T into something more!
The blanket scarf is huge right now but I have been wearing these oversized ones for awhile now. This particular one I made and absolutely love the material.
 It’s a warm lush flannel and the pattern just reminds me of Ireland.
I have also seen so many tutorials floating around showing you ways to style this amazing scarf! Depending on your height, 
(this truly makes a huge difference to how it looks on you) 
this scarf has endless possibilities. 
Being short I have figured out many ways to style it 
and I’m not particularly fond of one over the other; 
but I love the possibilities it has! 
I decided to show you my favorite 3 ways, 
let me know which one your favorite is!

Way #1 and a strong contender! An everyday wear just casually thrown on! 

Way #2 making almost 5 feet of fabric seem like nothing.

Way #3 a little knotted up. 

 Jeans (old) try these
Belt (old) try this
White-T F21
Scarf (yours truly)

*I had many girls on IG email me about the scarf and I can make you one so shoot me an email and we can talk price!*

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