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I was walking through the city of Chicago the other day headphones in, music off (yes, I do this sometimes) Starbucks in hand and the whole walk got me thinking.  I’m not one to people watch, but lately I can't help but admire how beautiful Chicago really is. So let me quote mean girls when I say “you're like really pretty” I mean this city is “like really pretty”, the people, the architecture and most of all, the clothing. The streets of the city will always be my favorite runway. Having two main fashion avenues; the Magnificent Mile and State Street can really make any girl swoon. It has everything from Chanel to Forever 21. But don't get me wrong down every turn; a boutique is dying to be discovered! Chicago really has everything.

Growing up I always wanted to have the best clothing; however, attending private school made that hard. I did show my unique style through my shoes. I can even remember one year I had saddle shoes. Yes, I had style even at such a young age. In high school everything changed, I attended a public academy and you would think I would showcase my style there. Nope, instead I went with the in crowd and bought everything that had a brand name attached to it. Big mistake, but you live and you learn right!

But really… What is my point to all of this?
 I think Oscar de la Renta said it best. "Fashion is what you get four times a year; STYLE is what you pick out of that fashion". How brilliant is that?  I wish I had heard that quote as a teenager. It would have saved years roaming around trying to figure out what was “in” instead of figuring out if I even liked it.  And more importantly, it would have sent me searching for something eternally more desirable than fashion; personal style. Fashion comes and goes, and then comes again and goes again, but when you wear something that is truly you, it's no longer fashion. Its style;
and becomes your own personal style. You shine and have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' about you that can't be taken away. If this is a style that compliments your body type, well that is never going to go out of style.

And personal style goes beyond clothes.  It lives in the way you plan on decorating your humble abode, how you fix your locks, and what great accessory to complete your outfit. So here we are; I didn't want a fashion blog but merely something to showcase my style. And showcasing that style is my mission. Styling every aspect of my petite life.

Welcome to the blog.  Stick around…it gets good.

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  1. Visited Chicago this past summer and walked into Hard Rock Hotel's bar on a Thursday at around 11 a.m... Everyone, and I mean everyone, looked as if they just walked off a runway. Here I am fresh from California simply laid back with torn up jean shorts, loose tank, and a hair bun as high as my excitement level for being in Chicago. This city definitely has so much unique style to offer and I can't wait to keep reading about yours! xoxo