Diamonds \\ Wellies

On Saturday it rained. Chicago get it together!!
At first, I was very upset because as much as I love the rain I don't like it when it rains on my day off. 
Then I wasn't too upset anymore because it just meant I got to wear Wellies!
It also happened to be Sweetest Day too, I forgot about that random holiday. 
Dropped the ball and was a very bad girlfriend. Whoops...
Needless to say I was spoiled that day; flowers, lunch and shopping! I mean it doesn't get any better than that J
Lunch was amazing as meals normally are when you are in good company! 
The food was delicious and if you haven't been to P.F Changs you should get over there.
 Amazing food those chef’s cook over there, 
and they have wonderful options for those with special dietary needs.
I wasn't really in the mood for anything particular since
 I didn't really want to dip into next month’s budget. 
That being said, of course I would find something that I absolutely loved.
 I believe my boyfriends exact words were, “I have never seen you more mesmerized with anything, you don't even look at me that way”. I guess clothes have that effect on me
 & as for the item… 
Stay tuned I'll be posting it later this week.  

Sweatshirt (old) try this Trench Coat Express Jeans J Brand Wellies Hunter

I hope your Saturday was filled with more love than usual
& a perfect ensemble.  

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