5 tips to get you through the first 10 days of Whole30

Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy Friday!!
Can we just start with how cute is that little guy.
So much positivity. xoxo
So today marks 10 days since I started my journey with Whole30.
It truly has been a journey.
I really mean that. 
10 days in and well I've already been on a rollercoaster of good and bad.

How is your relationship with food? 
Do you have a healthy relationship with food? 
Do you have an unhealthy relationship? 
Are you trying to find a balance?

I thought being a vegetarian meant I had a good relationship with food. 
Yes, I don't eat meat, but I eat bread, and cupcakes and chips and all that yummy good stuff.
Finding a balance was supposed to be easy I thought.
I had a good grasp on it for awhile and then, I fell off the wagon.
I was scared of admitting to myself that I had a bad relationship with food.
That I thought I had it, and didn't.
I used to be so good with my food.
I was that annoying friend that couldn't eat anything when we went out to eat.
Salads were my life and I had certain places I loved to go to.
I felt my best when I had a better relationship with food.
I also don't know exactly what cupcake caused me to fall off the wagon.
Glad to be getting back on though.

As I'm going through this journey I have found these 5 tips to help me kickstart my journey. 
I need to start by saying I am in no way an expert and that these tips helped me and I hope they help you :)
So lets get to those tips!

1. Read the book.
 I CAN NOT express this enough.
I had a really good friend of mine loan me hers (thanks Lydia)
and man did it really get the gears moving.
Go browse around your favorite bookstore and grab a cookbook or two :)
Not only is the book amazing but its also inspiring.

2. Get a calendar and sit down && set a date.
Maybe use a cute and fancy marker, and get a cute calendar. 
New and exciting stuff always gets you ready for a new challenge. 
(seemed to really help me) 
This was a difficult part for me, I honestly really struggled.
When do I start? UGH my new job. All the food. I was already finding excuses.
But find that date and set it.
Mine was October 3, because it was a Monday and I figured let's really make it a Monday. 

3. Once you have your calendar get another one and make a meal prep list. 
I know sooooo many lists right?! 
I'm a huge list maker!!
 I found this to be extremely helpful only because I needed to know what to eat. 
Obviously you don't have to eat them in that specific order but it really helps!
 I also really recommend doing your meal prep list week by week. 
Sometimes you think you may be in the mood for spaghetti squash but its nice to have options too.

4. Do you live alone? If so, join the whole30 group on Facebook and on Instagram and on Pinterest. Go to the forums and find motivation, its hard to come home and not devour the bad stuff when no one is holding you accountable. 
If you live with a partner enlist in their help! 
I told my boyfriend to help me stay accountable.
 To help me cook.
To help me meal prep. 
It really helped me a ton && win win doing stuff together is so great :)

5. Do you have a journal? If not you should get one. 
Write it all down. 
Write down your feelings, your thoughts, your struggles and most importantly your food. 
Is that silly? I don't think so.
I truly think when I wrote it all down it kept me more accountable. 
For example, Day 3 was a Wednesday and I was having a horrible day with the girls.
The we passed by a cupcake shop.
Seriously, would one cupcake hurt I thought?
But, I walked by and was actually sad.
So while they napped I wrote how I really wanted that cupcake.
How I had to eat something else that was not as satisfying. 
I mean we all have those moments of weakness but walk away and write it down. 
It helps you understand your relationship with food a little better. 

Finding a healthy balance with food can be difficult.
You will struggle. I did and still do.
You will cry. Trust me I shed those tears.
 Be happy when you reach small goals. Go on do that happy dance!!
Be sad when you have to give up your favorites. (bye chocolate)
But trust me when I say 10 days later you will thank yourself.
Your body will.
You only have one, might as well make sure its healthy.

I hope these 5 tips helped you a little. 
I'm only 10 days in down 6 lbs and will let you know in the next 10 how things are going. 

Have you ever done Whole30? 
If so please send me your knowledge!
Your wisdom!
 I'm loving the journey even if it is a hard one.


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6 months: What this break taught me

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Well this is weird and awkward.
You see the last time I actually sat down and typed a blog post was last April.
I was just planning on taking the summer off.
We are two weeks into October and I haven't even posted a single post yet.
Sad, because I really love Fall.

Truth is, I've been working on some things and well they just haven't reached the blog yet.
Not that I haven't been stalking your blogs out there. 
Trust me I saw all those super cute Summer outfits and drinks.
Summer is that one season I do not live for.
In fact, can we just skip it?
Ugh I hate being hot. I hate being sticky. The bee's... BYE!

I’ve been writing this for a while. Bit by bit, piece by piece.
I’ve written it all down and saved it, I was hoping eventually all of my thoughts would come together as one. 
Well…they didn’t...

Sometimes it may seem like this whole blogging thing is a piece of cake. It isn't. Truth is that there is a lot of exciting and scary as well as many challenges and doubts that I just don’t share. 
I don't know why since this blog really was supposed to be about everything. 
I mean come on, its call The Petite Diaries for a reason. 
It wasn't supposed to just be about one thing. 
It should be about everything.

I’ve always shied away from getting too personal on my blog, opted to not share my thoughts and opinions on certain topics or just everyday struggles and realness.
 I need to stop that. 
There is never a better time to start something new than NOW. 
So here is something NEW!

I want to talk to you guys. I want to feel with you guys! 
I want this to be a place where we comment back and forth. I want you to visit my space so I can visit yours.  
I want to visit your Snapchat, your Instagram, your Facebook. 
I love chatting with bloggers on snapchat; sometimes its like talking to a good girlfriend and I've never even met them. 
Weird how this whole big world wide web can really be so small. 
I want to see your daily happenings. 
Mine aren't glorious. 
I'm a nanny 99% of the time I have food in my hair and I'm wearing workout clothes. 
But, thats my life right now and I love it :)

So, what does this all mean? 
Where am I going with this? 
I’m still going to be sharing lots of fashion content, 
but you can also expect to see more posts like this where I share more personal topics. 
The struggles. The mishaps. The everything. I realized that's why I started this blog. 
I'll still be blogging every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 
So until then...


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Statement x Two \\

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Friday

Cheers! It's the weekend :)
Any fun plans? 
Saturday I'm going to a blogger brunch and then who knows!

 I recently wore this out for a date and yes, I know cape blazer? Really?
But I had it sitting in my closet and didn't really wear it until I was in a rush and thought why not?
I actually ended up getting more compliments on this outfit than I expected.

Also just a small find. I recently scored these Aquazzura heels for such a steal.
Let's say they were under a $100 so I snagged them in black too.
Those however, weren't a $100 but hey when you love a shoe you buy two right?
I linked two similar ones below which are just as great and wayyy more affordable.

Normally I like one item in my outfit to be the statement piece;
 but these two work perfectly because of the boyfriend jeans.
So I tried to keep everything else relatively simple. 

Shop My Look \\

So do you wear two statement pieces in one outfit?! 
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Spring Pop \\

Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Monday 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend.
What did you do?! 
The weather has finally warmed up here in Chicago and I couldn't be happier.

I love that once the weather warms up I can bust out my basics.
Making sure you have basics to carry you through the seasons 
is always a great idea.
A basic white-t and some boyfriend jeans 
are always a great place to start.

I've had this trench for awhile now 
so I linked a similar one that is just as amazing!
Yet I can always find a new way to wear it,
this trench really is great for all seasons!
Pairing it with a neutral flat and a great bright bag 
makes this outfit perfect for Spring. 

Shop My Look \\

So tell me how do you wear your basics in Spring?
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